Sunday, November 2, 2008

c is for...

yesterday, I got to spend more time in my neighborhood cooking store taking photos, browsing cookbooks, pondering which class to take in november (I'm thinking provencal cuisine) and being delighted with the constant stream of happy customers who were equally delighted as I that beautiful k opened this jewel in our burg. it's better than williams-sonoma. and sur la table.

crazy striped socks

really, something came over me. I bought four pair! and immediately put one pair on (I know, ew, pre-wash):

concrete floors

I wish we had gone this route. they are so freakin' gorgeous.

cold beverages

it was so warm and sunny yesterday. I think it really was the most perfect day. instead of my usual saturday latte, I had passion tea.


the poster I designed is hanging in starbucks (and 100 other locations around the city). I love that photo. lisa b. has the best legs. and shoes.