Monday, November 17, 2008

happy (mosaic) monday

16 things that make me so very smiley and all warm inside:
  1. handknit rainbow blankie
  2. coffee
  3. lollygagging in huge bookstores
  4. grilled cheese sandwiches
  5. my sweet man
  6. bare feet on wood floors
  7. vintage cars (wink to the karmen ghia)
  8. moroccan lanterns
  9. my simon (and roxy and luca and really all dogs)
  10. old neon signs that keep glowing
  11. anthropologie just gets it right every time
  12. can you be in love with a camera?
  13. world of mirth in carytown (richmond, va)
  14. children who are loved and adored
  15. friendships (happy birthday t)
  16. change

and flickr, which is an endless source of beauty, happiness and inspiration. click here to see who captured the images above that make me so happy.

happy monday everyone.