Saturday, February 21, 2009

casting call

sometimes I miss being on stage. I miss the thrill of being involved with a creative project that has so much energy and passion surrounding it; yet doesn't last long enough for those involved to get bored. I love being another person and living her life in short brilliant bursts.

curious: let's pretend you have all the acting talent in the world and there is no such thing as stage fright...what role do you covet above all others?

for me, it has to be katherine in the taming of the shrew. I know, I know...let's forget the misogynist overtones of the work and focus on what an awesome character she is: feisty, rebellious, independent, quick-tempered, yet capable of vulnerability and surrender. I long to retort the words, "best beware my sting."

who would I cast as petruccio? no mystery there.