Saturday, February 28, 2009

it's me again

a lovely little consequence of the unravelling course is that it refueled my love of doing fun self-portraits. this month's theme for the self-portrait challenge is "introduce yourself". I was so inspired by all the fantastic submissions, but especially thrilled with this one and this one. I couldn't get the wordle clouds to translate onto the image, so I used words around the edge of the image as a frame. it was fun.

rachel at metaphorical magpie has a hilarious meme up. take your first name and put the word "unfortunately" before it, then google and see what you come up with. rachel's had me laughing out loud. mine, however, were quite gloomy:

unfortunately, lisa fell off the wagon and began using drugs.

unfortunately, lisa doesn't have a good side yet.

unfortunately, lisa never made it that far.

unfortunately, lisa is unmanned and not on mars. (I ♥ this one!)

unfortunately, lisa was brain dead in cleveland.

and so get the picture. as a group, it appears that lisa's are unfortunate indeed. try it yourself, I'd like to see your results.

this is the end of nablopomo for february. we made it! it's getting easier to post daily, but there are days when I feel I just throw something up here and that's not the kind of relationship I want to have with you. as always, the challenge kept me super aware of things that may morph into something to post, and I like that. kendalee and christy posted every single day too and I really liked knowing I was going to be able to visit them for daily beauty and inspiration. congratulations!

happy, happy weekend friends!