Monday, February 16, 2009

a sky like this

makes a curious girl forget her chores and spend an afternoon daydreaming.

some random thoughts fresh from the imagination factory:

  • I have always wanted a white pygmy goat with a set of curlicue horns, a long goatee and a name like pierre.
  • speaking of names, sometimes I want to change mine: sofia, bronwyn, piper are some of my current loves. I wonder would I be a different person with a different name?
  • I fantasize quite often about the ability to time travel. I would love to visit queen elizabeth's court, experience india in the age of akbar, 1920's kenya...then I remember the whole no plumbing and women's rights thing and I'm happy I'm here now.

what kinds of whimsical things do you conjure up in a daydream?