Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I want to introduce


simon is my 1 year old pembroke welsh corgi. he's made his appearance at curious girl before, here and here. and also here, here and here. but I wanted you to get to know him for the jolly little creature he is.

cheryl wanted to know more about what it's like to live with a corgi. it's the best. I have been a terrier girl my whole life (we also love a wire fox terrier and a cairn terrier at our home). I love a terrier. but the corgi is a different kind of friend: solid, balanced, adoring. he always wants to please, but not in a nervous kind of way. he is always watching for an opportunity to help and love.

simon has a goofy smile. his mouth opens so wide and that tongue, for pete's sake, it's so big! his eyes dance and always say, "no matter what, I love you." simon likes to be near, but not underfoot. at night when I read in bed, he does his ritual of placing his corgi head on my chest, so I can't read my book and must love on him. his big brown eyes look up at me and I am gone. he gets pets and rubs and words of love, then retreats to the foot of the bed to commence his nesting ritual. he always sleeps flat on his back, corgi style.

there are very few cons to a corgi. simon does shed heavily (so far, it's only been once and it lasted for a few weeks). he has a really, really loud bark and uses it to get attention and when someone is at the door. he has a strong herding tendency and I'm not sure that would work with really small children. he's like a little rugby player and uses his low center of gravity to take down the terriers.

simon is so smart and was easily trained. his fur is like velvet and he is very low maintenance. but it's the corgi spirit that won me over. and that smile. it gets me every time.