Sunday, February 15, 2009

finding that place

you know, that place. the place where you fit in. the place where you are no longer an outsider. the place where everyone knows your name.

I am still searching for that place. nearly a decade ago, I left my hometown. since then I have felt an outsider, a foreigner, an oddity to those around me. I don't speak their language and they don't speak mine. so much energy is spent trying to figure out what is meant, what is being said, what are they thinking. I long for familiarity, comfort, natural camaraderie, shared interests, like minds. I long for kindred spirits. to belong.

I often find it here, in the land of blog and, of course, in my own home with my amazing husband. but there is something about fitting in with a group of peers who just get you that I haven't experienced in real life in a while. that's what I want.