Saturday, February 14, 2009

hello cupcakes

normally, I am quite casual about st. valentine's day. I am a girl who likes to share love and hearts and hugs and kisses (albeit quietly, I am not a demonstrative affection-giver) and look at chubby naked babies with bows and arrows every day. I never quite understood why we need a holiday (much less one that falls only once per year) to prompt us to show the love to our friends, lovers and family.

yesterday I was visiting a local elementary school and was waiting in the hallway. a class was having their v-day party and I wanted to go back in time to that excitement of giving, receiving, sorting and reading sweet nothings from friends, classmates and maybe a crush. the girls were giddy. the boys, (acting) aloof. they still make the big envelopes out of construction paper and tape them to the desk, then circulate in a mad rush of 9-year-old silliness with their little deliveries. love that.

love you all, my valentines.

p.s. I made the valentine above for my main man (#42 on the list done). inside it says, "you are yummy".

and other stuff I won't post.