Friday, February 20, 2009

slowly rising to the surface

for the past 24 hours or so, I've been zonked, laid out flat by some sort of flu-like malady. it came on fast and hard and is finally making its way on to some other unfortunate soul. I got up around five a.m., just long enough for a breakfast consisting of two sips of joe and a bombpop and to call in sick. currently, I am feeling remarkably better after twenty hours of deep sleep and flu-induced dreams.

dreams are the upside of being sick (well, that and the guaranteed 2-lbs weight loss). james mcavoy was here just like last time. although this time he was the garbage man at my childhood home and I was a child. he was friendly, waived at me and said "hello" with his scottish accent. I waved back as I made my way to school. I met my friend at the corner who happened to be a little orange fuzzy puppet (I've seen this recently, but I can't place it). james was very happy that I had a little friend, gave me a little wink and jumped on the back of the garbage truck as it pulled away.

ok, back to the real world (you must excuse me, I'm still moving in slow motion). I just received the goop newsletter. do you read goop? I love it. the current post is about being spent, a feeling I can so relate to. I've got something going on...I'm not sure if it's circadian dysrhythmia or stress, but it has been persistent for the last few months. I've been very low energy and have been out of work several days sick. all I know is it can't go on like this. I want my old self back.

I am now retreating to the sofa to bury myself under two quilts. here's hoping for more dreams.

update: my little orange fuzzy friend has been identified! he is "hunger" from the weight watchers commercial. hmm...that lends a whole new meaning to my dream...