Sunday, February 22, 2009

recovery mode randomness

so on friday when I wrote that I was "remarkably better", I understand now that I really meant "capable of moving my limbs". this morning I finally feel that the last of whatever-it-was is gone. I'm back to normal after a yesterday of existing between worlds.

I read in the warmth of the sun until I realized that even godden's words were a bit much. I switched for this month's issue of living etc. and numbly gazed at the pretty pictures. I spilled my tea on the pile of pages I had pulled out for my inspiration binder.

a trip to the market was necessary on my own as ken is at blackfriars theatre for the weekend. everything there--the people, the muzak, the smells--assaulted my senses. but I was able to grab some pretzels and mexican coca-cola (for some reason, this is all I want to eat) without incident. it's nice to have someone around when you're sick to do these things for you.

you probably already know this, but I just discovered you can watch movies on your computer from netflix if you are a member. I watched shakespeare retold: macbeth with james mcavoy all snuggled up in bed with my laptop. I was a bit unnerved to see that both james and garbage men figure prominently in this film (re: my dream on friday) and am trying to figure out if I might have read something about this before to influence my dream or am just a wee bit freakishly psychic. this movie is not vegan friendly.

today, I need to play catch-up with grading papers and cleaning house. I hope you all have something more lovely than that going on.