Monday, February 2, 2009

mosaic monday

sixteen things I want to do right now:
  1. stand and stare at a field of sunflowers
  2. learn to belly dance with a thousand silver coins tinkling on my hips
  3. roller skate (I can go forwards, backwards and shoot the duck!)
  4. ride a vintage lambretta
  5. eat basque food here with a table full of friends
  6. take a road trip
  7. speak the truth
  8. have a mendhi artist do my hands
  9. drive a rainbow mini cooper
  10. swing in the sunshine
  11. (I think this one makes it on all my lists)
  12. see some palm trees (preferably west coast ones)
  13. get another corgi (they really are the best dogs)
  14. tell everyone to see this film, it's amazing
  15. go to the fair
  16. alternatively, smoke french cigarettes in a dark neighborhood bar and get all broody

thank you, fabulous flickr friends, for indulging me visually.