Thursday, February 12, 2009

rescue me

in case you haven't noticed, I can be a wee bit intense.

most days, I like myself this way. I'm quick, decisive and focused.

but I carry around a great deal of anxiety on a regular basis. when exhaustion or multiple crises hit, I can be seen as frustrated, demanding, not very easy to please. that's really not who I want to be. so I do my best to quell the storm (and it really has been described as a storm) at the first signs of the winds picking up. here are some things I do:
  • rescue remedy really works. it sits on my desk ready to help.
  • yogi tea (after work only, it's pretty potent on me)
  • yoga and breathing exercises. sometimes I close my office door and just spend five minutes doing some deep breathing.
  • color! or make something. I have tiny little collages around my office that I make on the spur of the moment (see yesterday's 'be funky').
  • getting lost in a good story. I've not done well here the last few months. I really struggled with loving frank (it really only made me not love frank) and revolutionary road. last night I picked up the age of shiva and was so pleased with the lushness of the words.
  • if all else fails: a day off, some margaritas and a long chat with a friend far away.

I'm curious, what things to you do to rescue yourself from anxiety, worry, sadness, etc.?