Monday, February 9, 2009


some days, when winter has set in with its greyness and chill and my sweet little southern town feels particularly traditional, I want to escape to l.a.

these days, it's not a matter of making the one hour drive over the hill to soak in the brightness and love that is quintessentially my los angeles. when I need to go, it's all in my head. and now on my blog. join me on my perfect southern california day. since we are fantasizing, let's drive this car and wear big sunglasses and scarves. on the radio: something cheerful, from the '80's...the go-gos!

first of all, we will need some calories and caffeine to get through it all. let's stop at jerry's on ventura. I'll have my usual: the lox benedict plus avocado and lots and lots of coffee. we can sit and plan amidst the entertainment professionals starting their day and the musicians and writers ending theirs.

our morning is jam-packed with shopping (fantasy=unlimited funds). let's start with fred segal. you can't get more l.a. than fred segal. then on to aardvark's on melrose for hours of vintage shopping. a short drive to la brea brings us to american rag cie and maison midi, two of my all-time favorite stores. (in case you're hungry from all the shopping and gawking, I recommend the salade nicoise at cafe midi.)

we hop on the 405 and exist in stop-and-go for a while (is it possible to miss pollution?) before we reach the getty. we roam for hours in this heaven on the hill. the stunning views of the l.a. basin rival the art inside.

back on the 405 to the 10 west, we drive to the edge of the world. we stroll the santa monica pier with the pacific underfoot, have a smoothie, people-watch, ride the carousel and mug for souvenir photos in the photobooth.

let's step off the pier because I want you to see something. take off your shoes. feel that sand? it's crunchier than east coast sand. hear those waves? they are louder, more commanding than atlantic waves. the seagulls squawk and chatter and fight for the popcorn that kid is throwing off the pier. let's sit here awhile because the most spectacular show awaits us. that giant yellow sun slowly descends, casting light through pink and purple and orange (again, the pollution comes in handy here) and sizzles as it becomes one with the pacific. the. most. beautiful. thing. I. have. ever. seen. I am so glad you were here to share it with me.

if you're not too tired, let's catch at show at the palladium like back in the day. after, we can drive the freeway in darkness, top down, radio quiet, you and me traveling along the grand expanse of asphalt all alone.

I feel better now.

p.s. next time, let's hit the rose bowl flea, have mint tea at the casbah, visit moca and pick up the best veggies you've ever tasted at the farmer's market. maybe a summer show under the stars at the greek. after the sunset, of course.