Thursday, February 19, 2009

to be that teacher

I was raised by a teacher. I like to teach. although it's not my profession, I have dabbled here and there with presentations and visits to classrooms to talk about my job. this year, I feel lucky to have an entire college class for one semester. in the evening we are cozied up in a tiny classroom in the attic of a century-old building. although our subject is grim (child abuse), the young spirits of my students are uplifting. they are interested, curious, intelligent...every teacher's dream class.

remember that teacher in college who introduced you to a world or a concept that was previously unknown to you? remember how your eyes and mind widened with the thrill of exploration? when your brain and heart hungered for more, more, more and that teacher gently led you to make your own discoveries, form your own opinions and feel like an expert for the first time in your life? that's the teacher I want to be.