Saturday, February 14, 2009

the conquering superhero

this week's chapter for the book group 12 secrets of highly creative women tackles secret number 6: conquering saboteurs.

I did relate to this chapter (after last week-hooray!) and thoroughly enjoyed the delightful interview our host jamie had with superhero andrea. I doodled the above while tuning in.

oh how the voices inside my head whisper to me, "not good enough", "really, that's all you got?" and "who do you think you are?" and become louder and more persistent with each new thing I try. I love andrea's advise to just take action despite the voices. this is what I try to do to quell the doubt, the insecurities, the fear of failure. soldiering on through seems to work in most cases. and sometimes I just have to step away and live a life without art for a few moments to fully understand that I truly desire a life full of color, creativity and risk.

do you hear those pesky voices? what do you do to soldier on?